Thursday, 4 May 2017

Written in Water - a very special Frogmore event - 6 May 2017

The Frogmore Press invites you to a very special poetry and prose event at the Constable and Brighton exhibition at Brighton Museum.

Written in Water (a nod to Keats' epitaph) will take place on Saturday 6 May 2017, during the Free for the Festival Day at the Brighton Museum. It coincides with the beginning of the Brighton Festival, which this year is directed by poet Kate Tempest. The themes of the readings will be loosely connected to the Constable exhibition: water, wind, weather, storms, clouds, the Sussex coast and Downs, the sea, Brighton, landscape painting, the Romantic Age, Brighton as a home etc.

The event will be compèred by Frogmore Press Managing Editor Alexandra Loske, who is also a curator at the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museums. There will be two readings, one at 12noon and one at 3pm. 

In addition, Tanya Shadrick, creator of Wild Patience Scrolls and co-editor of Frogmore's latest anthology Watermarks: Writing by Lido Lovers and Wild Swimmers will be there as writer-in-residence for the day.

There is no need to  book, but the museum is likely to get very busy and there is a strict limit on people allowed in the Constable galleries at any one time, so come early to avoid disappointment.

Here is the line-up of poets/writers:

Marek Urbanowicz, Vanessa Gebbie (also reading work by the late Joanna Seldon), Clare Best, Lyn Thomas, Janet Sutherland, Rachel Playforth, Zel Norwood, Mark Bridge, Jan Heritage, Stacy Carl-McGrath, Gary Goodman

Maria Jastrzębska, Chris Sykes , Mandy Pannett, Karen Antoni, Marek Urbanowicz, Sonya Smith,  Jeremy Page, Seema Kapila, Alison Rumfitt, Claire Booker, Michaela Ridgway, Claire Pankhurst

Monday, 1 May 2017

Deadline for Frogmore Poetry Prize 2017 fast approaching


The deadline for entries to this year's Frogmore Poetry Prize is 31 May. 

Maggie Butt, the adjudicator, will read all entries and the winner will receive 250 guineas and a two-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers. All shortlisted poems will be published in number 90 and on the Frogmore Press website.

The winner of the Frogmore Poetry Prize for 2017 will receive two hundred and fifty guineas and a two-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers. The first and second runners-up will receive seventy-five and fifty guineas respectively and a year’s subscription to The Frogmore Papers. Shortlisted poets will receive copies of selected Frogmore Press publications. 

Conditions of Entry
  1. Poems must be in English, unpublished, and not accepted for future publication.
  2. Poems should be typed and no longer than forty lines.
  3. Any number of poems may be entered on payment of the appropriate fee of £3 per poem. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to The Frogmore Press.
  4. The following methods of payment are acceptable: cheque drawn on UK bank; British postal order; sterling.   
  5. Each poem should be on a separate sheet, which should not include the name of the author.
  6. The author’s name and address should be provided on an accompanying sheet of paper.
  7. The winner, runners-up and shortlisted poets will be notified by post. All shortlisted poems will appear in number 90 of The Frogmore Papers (September 2017), which will be available at £5.00 from the address below, and on the Frogmore Press website.          
  8. To receive a copy of the results, please enclose an s.a.e. marked ‘Results’.
  9. Poems cannot be returned.
  10. Closing date for submissions: 31 May 2017.
  11. Copyright of all poems submitted will remain with the authors but the Frogmore Press reserves the right to publish all shortlisted poems.
  12. The adjudicator’s decision will be final and no correspondence can be entered into.
  13. Entries should be sent to: The Frogmore Press, 21 Mildmay Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1PJ.
  14. The submission of poems for the Prize will be taken as indicating acceptance of the above conditions.

Friday, 28 April 2017

New Frogmore anthology 'Watermarks - Writing by lido lovers & wild swimmers' out now

Writing by lido lovers & wild swimmers
 edited by Tanya Shadrick & Rachel Playforth
 A Frogmore Press & Pells Pool collaboration

Artwork by Neil Gower

Watermarks is a collection of new poetry, stories and non-fiction by lido lovers and wild swimmers: writers who find inspiration in or near outdoor pools, lakes, rivers and other wild waters.

Full of quick turns, graceful strokes and surprising dives into the depths, this is writing to make us catch our breath, laugh in delight or shiver a little.

Our call for new poetry, short fiction and life-writing celebrating the life aquatic was answered by swimmers at home and abroad. F Scott Fitzgerald wrote that ‘all good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath’ and all the writer-swimmers in the book had us hold ours a little too.

Lake Ontario. Skarðsvík. Isola Santa. Galway. Hong Kong. Trollhagen. In waters from around the world, we are immersed in birth and death, danger and rescue, new loves and last. Ness Cove. Spitchwick. Thurlestone. Sharrah. Swimmers closer to home take us places few know and less dare: freezing mountain pools, rivers in full spate where buoyancy is lost suddenly in froth and bubbles.

With work by more than fifty fine writers, the collection includes an extract from Alexandra Heminsley’s new memoir Leap In and work by Lynne Roper, the visionary West Country wild swimmer and former press officer for OSS who died in August 2016.
You can order Watermarks at your local bookseller, such as Skylark at Needlemakers in Lewes, or online at, among others, Waterstones, Foyles and Telegraph Books.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Would you like to read your work surrounded by the works of John Constable?

The Frogmore Press editor is looking for creative writers who would like to read some of their work on 6 May in the exhibition galleries in Brighton Museum, during the much-anticipated Constable and Brighton exhibition, which opens 8 April 2017. 

The event will be called Written in Water (a nod to Keats' epitaph) and take place on Saturday 6 May 2017, a Free Day at the Brighton Museum. It coincides with the beginning of the Brighton Festival, which this year is directed by poet Kate Tempest.  The themes of the readings (poems or short prose pieces) should be loosely connected to the Constable exhibition, but can be interpreted quite freely: water, wind, weather, storms, clouds, the Sussex coast and Downs, the sea, Brighton, landscape painting, the Romantic Age, Brighton as a home etc. 

There will be two slots: one at 12 and one at 3pm. You may read at either or both, for a maximum length of approx. 10 minutes. You are welcome to include your favourite poem(s) from the Romantic Age, or about the sea. 

Among the poets who will read a the event are Clare Best, Sonya Smith, Michaela Ridgway, Jeremy Page, Rachel Playforth, Maria Jastrzebska, Karen Antoni, Amber Agha and Marek Urbanowicz.

Tanya Shadrick will be Writer-in-Residence for the day, continuing her A Wild Patience: Laps in Longhand project.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me by email for more information. Please include a few lines about yourself  and samples of what you would like to read.

Alexandra Loske
Managing Editor, The Frogmore Press

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Frogmore Papers No. 89 out now

The 89th edition of The Frogmore Papers is now available by post from the Frogmore Press or from Skylark Books in Lewes (still only £5, incl. postage). With a cover by Paris-based artist Eva Bodinet, the issue features poetry, prose and artwork from around the world. International contributors include Robert Ammons (artwork), Les Bernstein (poetry), Megan Kitching (poetry), Rachael McGill (prose), Mary O'Donnell (poetry and prose), Donna Pucciani (poetry), Kevin Tosca (prose) and Margaret Wilmot (poetry).

The issue also includes the usual crop of reviews of recent publications and full details of the Frogmore Poetry Prize 2017 to be adjudicate by Maggie Butt. The deadline is 31 May 2017.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Frog news: morphrog 14, Frogmore Papers 89 and the Frogmore Poetry Prize 2017

morphrog 14, presenting a further selection of 'poetry in the extreme' is now live at . This edition includes new poetry by

Luigi Coppola
Colin Crewdson
Jane Frank
Angelica Krikler
Emma Lee
Chris McDermott
James Piatt
Sanjeev Sethi
Ian C Smith
& Peter Stewart

In other news:

The 89th issue of The Frogmore Papers will be published in March.

The deadline for entries to this year's Frogmore Poetry Prize is 31 May. Full details are available at Maggie Butt, the adjudicator, will read all entries and the winner will receive 250 guineas and a two-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers. All shortlisted poems will be published in number 90.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Lewes Voices at the Elly: Clare Best, Catherine Smith and Jeremy Page

Three Frogmore poets read from recent collections at the Lewes Voices event at the town’s Elephant and Castle pub last week. 

Clare Best's Cell
The evening began with Clare Best reading from her Frogmore artefact Cell, which won first prize in the Second Light Poetry Competition’s long poem category. Cell  is written in the voice of Christine Carpenter, a 14 year old girl who, in 1329, took a vow of  ‘solitary devotion’ to become an anchoress.

Catherine Smith
In a subtly different vein, Catherine Smith entertained the audience with her ballad The New Cockaigne (Frogmore Press, 2014), a ‘verbal feast of sexual, gastronomic and alcoholic excess’. 

Jeremy Page
The evening concluded with the launch of Jeremy Page’s new Frogmore pamphlet Stepping Back: Resubmisison for the Ordinary Level Examination in Psychogeography, which brings together poems written over the last twenty-five years exploring his relationship with the coastal town where he spent his formative years. 

All three titles are available post free from The Frogmore Press or from Skylark in its new roomier quarters downstairs at the Needlemakers in Lewes.